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Beko (sometimes stylized as beko) is a Turkish major appliance and consumer electronics brand of Arçelik A.Ş. controlled by Koç Holding.

A customer expressed his disappointment in a review: "We purchased our washing machine less than 6 months ago. We chose Beko because of the 5 year warranty. It just stopped working one day. When we originally called the phone consultant was unpleasant but she did give me a number for their technician who flat out abused me because he didn't want travel the 20min drive to our home from his. This was 5 weeks ago. If Beko customer service tell you they will arrange something for you and call you back, they will not. I have up to this date made 14 phone calls to Beko and their technician. They now if I show any form of frustration are patronizing and put me on hold not to return. I have never been more appalled in not only a product but a customer service team. I would NEVER recommend Beko to anyone. We are taking our complaints to the ACCC."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The leadership and management team except for the VP of Accounting are incompetent and the reason why the business is failing to reach their budget goals. They have no regard for their employees unless you’re Turkish or in sales. Extremely unethical, horrible, toxic environment."

Junior Key Account Manager says

"hierarchical, autocratic, stagnant working culture, no innovation or creativity"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Silos everywhere. Lack of systems. The president alienates and demotivates employees. People are not empowered to make decisions."

Former Employee - Specialist says

"managers do not know how to lead teams, there is not a good distribution of positions, since there are dependencies of some profiles in others that does not make sense. In general toxic environment and few growth opportunities. They are 0 flexible with working hours"

Former Employee - Digital Content Editor says

"Awfully pressured and pushy managers. They're not people people, their just department managers."

Former Employee - Senior R&D Design Engineer says

"Relatively harder work life, relatively small salaries"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not too stable, things change fast"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Like most of the companies in Turkey, success and talent is not enough to promote."

Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Another political cesspool of lies and deceit. A good ole boy network with allegations of favoritism and racism from several of their former and current employees. The management expects you to do a great job without allocating the resources that you need. And the list goes on and on!Has some good people who work there.Some of the employees try to keep you in the dark about everything."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Same thing day in day out. Low pay and no room for advancement. Just a job to pay your bills but you have to work six days a week just to get a decent paycheck.Good people to work with!!!Pay and no room for advancement"

Production Technician (Former Employee) says

"The workplace is fairly small. You will get to know everyone quick. They also have events such as birthdays holidays and sometimes they feed you lunch. The job is fairly easy it’s just no room for growth. If you just would like a company just to work for. Then they’re great. The most enjoyable part about the job is work life balance. A nice M-F with fairly decent pay with weekends off."

Ryan says

"We bought an integrated washer dryer from Beko that has had constant problems. This machine was not cheap and definitely not worth the money!

The latest in this long list of issues is that when we turned it on, water started pouring from underneath. On further inspection we found that a block of concrete has come undone and has fallen out of the bottom of the machine and broken the plastic casing that surrounds the drum, and the connection for the large water drain pipe.

When calling Beko, the customer service representative was very rude and clearly was not very happy that she was in work. She then gave me a number for their repair team and put the phone down on me.
When speaking to a member of the repair team (a separate company) they said that my issue should be fixed by Beko and that I should not have to cover the cost as this is not due to wear and tear but poor manufacturing quality. She then passed me back to a different Beko representative that was even more rude than the first! He refused to speak to me and said that he would end the call as my machine was out of warranty!

I followed this up with an email to say that this is not my fault and I have paid a lot of money for a machine that has fallen apart after a very short time. The reply was not worth the time it took to read.

I am appalled by the awful quality of this expensive machine and lack of service that I have received when it failed to work and I am disgusted at the way I have been treated by Beko.

I will not be buying one of there products again."

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